Indi Token

This Is The Year (2016)

That we started our company

That we got married

That we became a grandmother...collect the years as they pass you by



In Britain, the practice of engraving a small coin as a token to give to friends and loved ones goes for over 400 years. My mother had several from the 1920s on a charm necklace. I remember the noise they made as she came down the nursery corridor to put me to bed. And the feel of the engraving, on the smooth, shiny surface between my fingers, as I touched these whilst falling asleep.  


Our Indi Tokens are the same size as a British Pound coin, but of course are much more valuable!

  • Genuine 14kg electro plated gold
  • 7/8"  diameter, 1/8" thickness, tapering to 1/16"
  • Lead and Nickel Safe