Unexpected Beauty FAQ


Hi-tech natural is a growing trend in skincare. This category combines the latest technology with natural, plant-based ingredients. It’s the best of both worlds, and just right for all ages and skin types.

We use organic and natural plant-based ingredients in our Unexpected Beauty products whenever possible. These are mixed with safe hi-tech actives to deliver results.

Unexpected Beauty products contain organic ingredients, each and every one of which is indicated with an asterisk on our ingredient lists.

No, we do not use Parabens in any of our Unexpected Beauty products.

No, none of the products within the Unexpected Beauty collection contain an SPF. This means that they are easy to layer with one’s own favorite sunscreen.

Our Unexpected Beauty products are Made in the USA, in our labs in Southern California.

Yes. We love the environment and want it to love us back. We use minimal packaging for Unexpected Beauty - just the tubes containing the product, no boxes - and it is all recyclable.


This line is formulated to create healthy, balanced skin. Whether you have an oily or dry complexion, for example, it rebalances your pH, leaving behind happy skin that feels calm, clean and supple. That’s why it’s good for all skin types.

If used daily, each product should last 30-45 days, depending on whether you like a little or a lot.

The Go Bag is loaded with a week’s worth of travel sizes of the Indispensable Cleanser, Perfecting Polish + Mask, Uber Mist and Supreme Cream, plus a full size Lovely Balm.

All of our Unexpected Beauty products are micro-batched, and if unopened, will last for 2 years from the date of manufacture, or 12 months after being opened.

Unexpected Beauty is not meant to be a strict regimen, however, we recommend the following order: Indispensable Cleanser, Uber Mist, Perfecting Polish + Mask (2-3 times per week), Supreme Cream. Our Lovely Balm is for use wherever, whenever.

Yes, the Perfecting Polish + Mask is gentle enough to use every day.

As with most cosmetic products, the ideal storage temperature is between 40-75 ℉ (5-25 ℃) and we recommend storing them in a spot within that range. All of our Unexpected Beauty products have been tested for stability at temperatures as low as 32℉ (0℃) and up to 104℉ (40℃), because we know that no one lives their life in a temperature controlled vault. For best results, we do not recommend exposure to extreme temperatures for any longer than absolutely necessary.

You can store all products at room temperature, just avoid direct sunlight.

Yes, our Go Bag, is generously sized to contain a weeks’ worth of product, all in a chic, clear bag perfect for airport security, or anywhere the day takes you.

No, the Go Bag items are only available as a set.

Yes, all of the Go Bag items have twist off caps, so they are easy to refill.

India Hicks will provide a full refund to any Unexpected Beauty products returned within 30 days of purchase.