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India Hicks

Love Letters

My father's Logo was a simple, but powerful device of four H's joined in a cross format. Before long there was an entire alphabet that played with multiples and geometry, like the H's. The simple, smart chic of this alphabet has inspired generations of designers, evident today in the Logos of many top brands. My father could be tricky at times, as many great creative forces are, however I recognize I would not be who I am today, nor have the strength of character I do if he had not been my father. I named my alphabet collection LOVE LETTER, as in a way this is my love letter to him.

Domino Necklace
Silver Love Letter 16mm
Silver Pendant Love Letter 22mm
NEW Love Letter Cuff Links
18kt Gold Pendant Love Letter 12mm
 18kt Gold and Diamond Pendant  Love Letter 16mm
Half Diamond Silver Pendant Love Letter 22mm
Full Diamond Silver Pendant Love Letter 22mm
Hicks On Hicks

My father designed my mother's hair. He redesigned the nose of a client. He designed the bowling alley of the White House and the private apartments of The Prince of Wales. He was always stylish. He was never dull. Living under the imposing eye of my father had a strong part in developing my own design sense.

Inspired by my father's famous hexagon pattern as the primary design element, this HICKS ON HICKS collection is modern and architectural.

NEW Simplicity Cuff
NEW Hexagon within Hexagon Earrings
NEW Geometric Statement Ring
NEW Bold and Decisive Cuff
NEW Lingering Look Ring
NEW Back To The Future Necklace
NEW Inside Out Earrings
NEW Rich and Pure Earrings
NEW Endless Hexagon Necklace
NEW Sleek Cuff
NEW Enduring Legacy Ring
NEW Jet Set Earrings
NEW To The Point Ring - Big
NEW To The Point Ring - Medium
NEW To The Point Ring - Baby
NEW Interlocking Necklace
Distinction Earrings
Island Life

I live a less than ordinary life on an out island in The Bahamas. An adventurous but real life, where there is room to breathe and time to think. In turning my island sensibility into fine jewelry I embraced the colors and textures of the islands nature. Bleached coral and sea biscuits, my affinity for the sea and its creatures, the pink sand beaches and turquoise waters are powerful elements that inspire and infiltrate my ISLAND LIFE collections.

Silver Sea Urchin Pendant - small
Silver Sea Urchin Earring with hook